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Dania Beach Parking EnforcementBeach Parking  

The City of Dania Beach is proud to announce the implementation of new payment methods at the beach.

You can now Pay by Plate, Pay Online and Pay by Mobile App. 

It’s now quick and easy to pay for parking using a mobile device. 

Conveniently pay for parking on the go or from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Why Use Passport Mobile Pay?

Passport Mobile Pay provides a whole new level of convenience when it comes to paying for parking. 

Benefits for Dania Beach residents & visitors include:

  • Eliminating the need to visit a meter
  • Pay for parking on the go or from the comfort of your own vehicle
  • Receive reminders
  • Get a text message or push notification before your parking session expires
  • View or print parking receipts
  • Keep track of your parking payments or print your receipts using the Passort Mobile Pay website
  • Secure payment
  • All data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure payment
  • Sign Up Now for Passport Mobile Pay

Whether you’re registering beforehand or when you’re on-site, signing up for Passport’s Mobile Pay service is easy with one of these free options:

Download the Passport Mobile Pay App
Android Version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.passportparking.mobile&hl=en
iPhone Version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/passportparking-mobile-pay/id501324867?mt=8
Go online to m.ppprk.com

Passport Mobile Pay AppPassport Mobile Pay App

After setting up your account, you can immediately start using the system from your mobile device!

Note: The time will not be displayed on the parking meter

Paying for Parking is a Breeze!
Once you’re registered, you’re ready to get parked!  All you need to do is:

1) Enter the zone number.
2) Enter the meter number.
3) Enter the amount of time you’d like to park.
Now you’re all set to get on your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are associated with Passport Mobile Pay?
Registering for Passport Mobile Pay is free of charge. Parking at the beach is $2.00 per hour. Minimum 2 hours when paying by credit card ($4.00)  There will be a $0.20 convenience fee added to each parking session.  Usual parking rates still apply.

Is it safe to do a credit card transaction over the phone or on an app?
Yes.  Your credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed, or spoken during a transaction.

Why doesn’t my meter show the time I paid for?
No time will be displayed on the meter. Parking enforcement can see that you paid with Passport.

Do I get a receipt?
Yes.  All transactions can be viewed by logging into your Passport Mobile Pay account.  You also have the option of receiving receipts by email or simply printing directly from your account.

How does Parking Enforcement know that I have paid through Passport Mobile Pay?
The time will not be displayed on the parking meter, however, once you pay with Passport Mobile Pay, the zone and space information that you enter is immediately sent to parking enforcement’s monitoring system.

What if I get a ticket after paying with Passport Mobile Pay?
If you feel you have received a citation in error or to pay for a citation, go to  https://dania.rmcpay.com/

Residents Yearly Pass 
A yearly pass for residents with the car registered in Florida, under age 65 is $45.00, residents 65 and older with the car registered in Florida is $25.00. Residents with an out-of-state tag the rate is $75.00. Beach Parking Permits are for Dania Beach residents only. Applicants must provide proof of residency. 
PDF Document Beach Permit Application

City Hall Parking Garage

Garage Parking Permits are for Dania Beach businesses within 440 yards of the City Hall parking garage only. 
Applicants must provide proof of business ownership or employment within the area.

PDF Document Garage Parking Permit Application

Parking Citations

How to pay a parking citation?

By mail to: Broward County Clerk of Courts
Parking Violations Division
201 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-3300
To pay a parking citation with a credit card, call (954) 712-7899

Where to go pay for a parking citation or to appeal a citation?
Broward County Clerk of Courts
201 SE 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-3300
For Parking Enforcement information, please call (954) 924-6810


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