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Questions about Waste Water?
How do I connect to sewer if my house is on a septic system?
The first step is to call the Public Services Department 954-924-6808 to determine if your home is in an area serviced by the City wastewater system.

What happens to the water I flush?
Sanitary sewage wastewater normally flows by gravity through underground pipes to lift stations that pump the flow to the Hollywood Wastewater Treatment Plant where the water is treated physically, chemically, and biologically before being discharged back to the environment.  
What are pumping stations for?
The neighborhood collection systems are mostly "gravity driven" - water flows downhill, even in the very flat areas of the City. The wastewater is then collected at area lift stations where it is pumped into a system of force mains that lead to the wastewater treatment plant in the City of Hollywood.
How does the City treat wastewater?
At the plant, wastewater from the collection system enters the Preliminary Treatment Facility which screens out large objects and lets sand and gravel settle out of the wastewater. The water flows into tanks to be mixed with pure oxygen and secondary sludge. In these "aeration" tanks, bacteria consume more pollutants. Next, in the sedimentation clarifiers, clumps of dead bacteria and pollutants are allowed to settle out as "secondary sludge." About 30% of the secondary sludge is returned to the Aeration Tanks, and the rest is dewatered and further processed. The wastewater is then treated with a chlorine solution. This solution is similar to household bleach. The "effluent" is then either discharged to the ocean, into the ground, or further treated for use as reclaimed water. Pure oxygen is used because of space limitations. The plant is hemmed in by residential neighborhoods. In order to deal with the continuously arriving flow, without using more space for aeration tanks, pure oxygen is mixed with the wastewater. This allows much faster bacterial growth and purification.
Does what I put down the drain affect my service?
Sewer lines are clogged daily by people who dispose of such things as grease, motor oil, eggshells, coffee grounds, and kitty litter down drains, toilets, garbage disposals, and sewer manholes. Help us keep your plumbing bills, and future rate increases, down by observing the following helpful hints:
•           No grease down drains - cooking oils, fats, etc.
•           No motor oils down drains or city storm drains.
•           No egg shells down the disposal or drains - should be disposed of in solid waste bins.
•           No kitty litter down drains - gritty materials sink, causing blockages in the line.
•           No coffee grounds down disposals or drains.
* It is illegal to dump some products like anti-freeze and other chemicals into the sewers.
How are the Flood Zones Determined?
For flood zone, flood plain, or FEMA questions you can call the Community Development Department at 954-924-6800 x3652. Leave your name telephone number, and a brief description of your question, and we will return your call as soon as possible.
What is the storm water fee and what is it for?
The storm water fee is used by the City to improve the storm drainage system. Our flat terrain, limited creeks and ponds, and inadequate man-made drainage facilities make flooding after thunderstorms all too common. The fee is assessed based on the amount of runoff from the property.
Who do I call about storm sewer problems?
Storm sewers are maintained by the City in which they are located. Storm sewers are identified as the large grates in streets and near curbs. In the City of Dania Beach, contact the Public Services Department at 954-924-6808. Nights, weekends, and holidays contact our after hours number 954-924-6808 x3747 or 954-924-3747.
Did You Know?
In 1991, Florida enacted a statute governing automatic sprinkler systems. It says, in part,
"Any person who purchases an automatic lawn sprinkler system shall install a rain sensor device or switch which overrides the irrigation cycle when adequate rainfall has occurred."

How do I report a Water Main Break or Sewer Back Up?
All water main breaks and sewer back ups are considered an emergency situation.  If seen, please call the Water Plant Office at 954-924-6808 x3747 or 954-924-3747. A repair crew will be dispatched as soon as possible. The plant operator will contact the employee "on-call" who will then check the site to confirm a main break, service leak, or back up. Once this has been confirmed, a Water or Sewer Department crew will be dispatched as soon as possible. If it is a water main break or leak, the time the water is off will be affected by many factors, including weather conditions, location of main break, size of main, type of main break, depth of main, etc.. The crew will attempt to notify all affected customers and businesses. If necessary, we will issue a “Precautionary Boil Water Notice.” It is a notification that advises customers to boil tap water used for drinking, cooking and ice-making until tests verify the water is safe to drink by the Broward County Health Department. You will be notified through news media when the “Boil Water Notice” is lifted. It is not necessary to boil water for showering or other external uses. This notice will outline the necessary steps to ensure safe water consumption. In addition, The City of Dania Beach will work to have services restored as soon as possible. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us. 

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