Planning and Zoning Board

The purpose of the Board is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission on matters relating to zoning.
(5 Members – 1 per Commissioner - 2 Year Term – 2 Alternates) 
The City Commission adopted Ordinance #06-95, establishing the Planning and Zoning Board, on June 27, 1995. Ordinance #2010-029 amended Article 1, City Planning and Zoning Board, Section 1, by adding 2 alternate members (as approved by referendum ballot on March 8, 2011). 


The purpose of the Board is to act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission on matters relating to zoning. 

Membership & Qualifications 

The Board shall consist of five (5) members, and two (2) alternate members, to be appointed by the City Commission, and shall serve without compensations and at the pleasure of the City Commission. 

Members shall be residents and qualified voters of the City of Dania Beach. 

In addition, the School Board of Broward County, Florida, is authorized to appoint a designee to serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board. Such appointee is not required to be either a resident or qualified voter of the City. 

Financial Disclosure 

Members of this Board are required to file a Financial Disclosure Form. 

Terms of Office

The term of each member of any Board or Committee appointed by the City Commission shall automatically terminate and expire at 12:00 a.m. midnight on the day following each biennial General Municipal Election; provided, however, that all appointees shall continue to serve for a period not exceeding one hundred twenty (120) days after such election, unless new appointments are made by City Commissioners after such election and within such one hundred twenty day period. The foregoing provision shall not apply to members whose terms are set by Florida Statutes or City Ordinances, or to persons who are members of an Ad Hoc Committee. (Resolution #2006-203) 

Any member missing three (3) meetings without obtaining excused absences from the Board shall automatically be removed from the Board and replaced in the same manner in which that member was originally appointed. (Resolution #2005-187) 


The Board shall elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson from its members. The Chief Planning Official and City Attorney shall attend all board meetings. 

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held monthly at times specified, and minutes of Board meetings shall be kept and preserved, but special meetings may be called more frequently, if desired. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission on questions relating to zoning, and to conduct investigations and hearings on matters of proposals to change zoning regulations, and report findings and recommendations on such proposals to the City Commission. 
  • To study any existing City Plan, with the view to improving same so as to provide for the development, general improvement, and probable future growth of the City, and from time to time make recommendations to the City Commission for changes in the existing City Plan so as to incorporate new developments, or for the adoption of a new City Plan. 
  • To investigate and approve or disapprove all new plats to be presented to the City Commission for approval. 
  • To perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to the Board by the City Commission. 
  • The Planning and Zoning Board may make exceptions to the terms of Zoning Ordinances of the City that will not be contrary to the public interest, and shall recommend their findings for special exceptions to the City Commission for their approval. 

Virtual Meetings

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