DaniaREADY Emergency Preparedness Plan Videos


The City of Dania Beach and the Greater Dania Beach Chamber of Commerce present an important event each year Dania READY Hurricane Expo @ Dania Beach City Hall.

Guest Speakers: 

  • 2020 - John Morales, WTVJ NBC6Chief Meteorologist 
  • 2019 - Betty Davis, WPLG Local 10 - Chief Meteorologist
  • 2018 - Steve MacLaughlin, NBC6 Meteorologist 
  • 2017 - Bryan Norcross. WPLG Local 10 - Senior Hurricane and Emergency Communications Specialist 
  • 2016 - Craig Setzer, CBS4 - Chief Meteorologist and Emmy Award winner 2015
  • 2015/14 - Max Mayfield, WPLG Local 10 - Hurricane Tracker - Received Gold & Silver Medals. Former Director of NOAA.

Betty Davis, WPLG10

Betty Davis Dania Beach Hurricane Expo 2019

Steve MacLaughlin, NBC6

Steve McLaughlin NBC6 Dania Beach Hurricane Expo Poster 2018

Bryan Norcross. WPLG10

Bryan Norcross is the Senior Executive Director of Weather Content and Presentation, and Senior Hurr

Craig Setzer, CBS4

Craig Setzer cbs4

Max Mayfield, WPLG10

Max Mayfield Hurricane Expo Dania Beach
Property Claims Consulting 
"We help people recover after losses. We work with the insurance company to try to get you the best settlement. We can help replace your property but nothing can help replace life so please listen to the vendors, listen to Mr. Norcross when he speaks. Be safe. Pay attention to the information here because it could save your life. 

FEMA "The name of the game is preparedness. Dania Beach wants to do their part we also need you to do your part to make sure that you get all the information and the tools or resources that are needed so you, your home and your families are prepared for any event. If a mandatory evacuation is issued, please leave. The number one thing that takes people's lives during a hurricane is the storm surge. All of that water, you can't run from it so if you hear that evacuation, pick up that emergency disaster kit, grab the kids and the pets and go, okay. Head to your evacuation zone or the evacuation shelter for your designated area I cannot stress that enough. Fema.gov has a wealth of information that you can learn about. Please always be prepared for hurricane season because it does just take one and unfortunately for us we don't know which one it's going to be. Please make sure you have a family plan. 
In Broward County, our evacuation zone is east of federal highway Broward.org/hurricane Please look at the supply list, make sure you have proper supplies which is one gallon of water per person per day for up to three days. Make sure you have cash. ATMs might not be working. If the banks are closed, if they can't look at their computer and verify you have money in your account, you can't get it so have cash. Do your laundry. A lot of times, the water gets tainted. If you wash your laundry before a storm comes you'll at least be starting with everything clean. There is the general population shelters, we also have a special medical needs shelter. For assistance, call the County call center 311 or 954-831-4000. 

Hurricane Expo : 
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