City Attorney's Office

Primary Duties of the City Attorney

The city attorney is responsible for providing legal representation and advice to the City Commission, City administration and City staff. 


  • Attends all City Commission meetings and acts as legal advisor to the City Commission
  • Attends all Planning and Zoning Board meetings and advises the Board on legal issues
  • Prepares ordinances and resolutions for adoption by the City Commission
  • Prepares or  reviews and approves all contracts, agreements, and other written documents to which the City is a party
  • Defends the City in legal proceedings or coordinates the defense with special legal counsel
  • Advises the city manager, the department heads, and City employees on matters which have legal implications to the City.

City Attorney Eve A. Boutsis

Ms. Boutsis came to the City from a private law firm, Akerman, which is one of the top 100 law firms in the country. For the past two years Ms. Boutsis was the assistant city attorney for Dania Beach, and began orienting herself to the ins and outs of Dania Beach.  Prior to that, for five (5) years, Ms. Boutsis was the chief deputy city attorney for the City of Miami Beach, handling all public works, planning, and building matters, including all litigation relating to those departments. Previously, Ms. Boutsis was the city attorney for the Village of Palmetto Bay for ten (10) years, the City of South Miami for thirteen (13) years (through her firm), and the Village of Biscayne Park for two (2) years.  She was also the South Miami Community Development attorney for approximately seven (7) years.  Ms. Boutsis has supported the prior cities she has represented to expand historic districts, extend the life of their CRAs, and was the general counsel for the Housing Authority for the City of Miami Beach for over fifteen (15) years. Finally, for a few years Ms. Boutsis was special counsel to the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.  Ms. Boutsis has a robust background working with county and municipal government, and working with the various departments on resiliency, annexation, public art programs, etc.   

Please note: The City Attorney’s office is only authorized to provide legal advice to the City in accordance with the City Charter. The City Attorney’s Office cannot represent members of the public in matters involving the City and cannot provide general legal advice or assistance.