Art J. Ryan House, late 1920's

Art J. Ryan House 1920's Dania Beach Historic Properties
215 SW 6 Street

The Art J. Ryan House appears to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level for its association with one of Dania Beach’s community planning and
development pioneers and for its architectural characteristics of local design, craftsmanship and period of construction.

The dwelling possesses significance for its connection to Art J. Ryan, Sr., Dania Beach’s most successful land developer, realtor, and business mogul. Ryan developed many of Dania Beach’s commercial and residential structures that can be found throughout the city to this day. Through various financial endeavors, Ryan also aided the growth of Dania Beach’s downtown through his support of tourism and land development in Florida’s boom time and expansion in the 1920’s.

The building also possesses significance for its architectural design and craftsmanship and for its late 1920’s construction. Though typical of the wood frame vernacular style of the day, this is one of just a few examples in superior condition that remain in Dania Beach. It’s retention of the original location, design, craftsmanship, scale and building materials make this a particularly notable architectural structure.


Art J. Ryan, Sr. came to Dania on his honeymoon in 1923 with his bride Genevieve. After their brief encounter with South Florida’s tropics, the Ryans decided to move from Chicago to make Dania their permanent home. Upon settling in the community, Ryan delved into numerous business ventures, including land development, real estate, and commerce as well as civic service; he also served on the city commission. A partner of the Dania Bank, the first bank established in Dania, Ryan, Sr. used his status in the community as a tool to bring in new industry and to promote construction into the area. Ryan built numerous commercial and residential structures throughout Dania, including his own residence, and helped to support the city’s growth through land acquisitions and its subsequent development. One of Ryan’s most outstanding contributions to Dania’s architecture, the Dania Beach Hotel, remains a landmark in the city and he is the cornerstone for the city’s downtown redevelopment today.


Enclosed by a decorative gate and thick hedge, the one story, wood frame structure stands on block 5, lots 22-24 of the Dania Heights Extension subdivision. A worthy example of Florida’s vernacular, the cross-gabled dwelling has a drop siding exterior with front facing broken gable. A brick chimney on the northwest gable slope extends above the composition shingle roof. Fenestration is asymmetrical throughout the structure’s façade and consists of 4/1 double hung sash windows with metal awnings. A wraparound screened porch, found on the northwest corner, along with a canopy of heavy foliage provides both shade and privacy for its residents. The well-maintained structure is noteworthy for its retention of original architectural features including fenestration, screen porch, and floor plan.

The City of Dania Beach designated this structure as a historic property in 2005 by Ordinance Number 2005-028.