Utility Billing

Utility Billing

After-Hours Emergency Issues 954-924-6800 Ext 3747

* For Dania Beach residents located west of I-95, water service is provided by Broward County.  Please contact Broward County Water and Wastewater Services at 954-831-3250 to set up water service.

How To Open A New Utility / Water Account:

To manage Residential and Commercial Utility Accounts, please fill up the appropriate forms: 
PDF Opening A Water Account Form
PDF Water Account Direct Payment Form
PDF Close A Water Account Form

Utility Billing

An account may be opened in person at: 

100 W. Dania Beach Blvd. 
 Dania Beach, FL 33004

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Thursday
954-924-6800 Option 5 or Ext 3401
After-hours emergency or water quality
issues 954-924-6800 Ext 3747

Map to Dania Beach City Hall

 To open a new account the owner or tenant of the property must have:

  • Owners:  an application form is required along with copy of the warranty deed showing proof of ownership.
  • Tenants: an application form is required along with a current signed notarized lease agreement.
  • Each application must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee. 
  • A social Security or Federal Identification Number will be required to open an account

Application Fees

  • Residential units: $3.50 per applicant
  • Residential units for Canadians: $15.00 per applicant
  • Commercial accounts: $20.00 per applicant
  • Residential and Commercial Deposit Amounts: Please contact Customer Service for details.

Payment Due Date & Water Service Interrupted

 Utility bills are due within 20 days after the initial billing date. Bills are considered delinquent if not paid by the date shown on the bill. If a bill remains unpaid, the service is subject to disconnection and additional fees will apply.  Please be advised if water service has been interrupted for non-payment, contact Customer Service after payment to schedule service re-connection.
Customer Service Representatives may be reached at cs@daniabeachfl.gov

Pay Bill Options
Options to pay water bills

Utility Fees

In 2022-23, the City hired a consultant to perform a water and sewer rate study because rates had not been changed or addressed since 2011. Since this time, there has been considerable development within the City, which has affected water usage, and as a result impacted the City’s water and utility system. It is imperative that the City’s utility revenue needs to be financed with rates based on sound, established engineering and economic principles to ensure a self-sustaining utility enterprise and the City’s water supply needs are met.

Based on the study, it was noted that given the current level of Water Utility revenues and the current capital and maintenance needs, rates would need to be increased for stability of the Water Utility Fund. The City’s Sewer Utility Fund however, had excess revenue capacity, despite no rate changes since 2011. As a result, it was decided that sewer rate reductions could be made to offset the increase in the water rates, minimizing the financial impact on customers.

The combined effect of the rate changes is a slight decrease in the average monthly customer water and sewer bill for the current fiscal year (2024). Below is the five-year table of future potential rate changes that may impact utility bills.


New Water and Sewer Rates2