Complete Count Advisory Committee

(10 Members – 2 per Commissioner – Term ends October 31, 2020)

The Complete Count Advisory Committee was established by Resolution #2019-077 on July 30, 2019. 


The City Commission has determined that it is in the City’s best interest to create a Complete Count Advisory Committee (CCAC) in order to publicize the 2020 Census, recommend methods of disseminating information about the Census, and recommend outreach to encourage participation in the Census.

Membership and Qualification

The CCAC shall be comprised of members appointed by the City Commission, who shall serve without compensation.  
Each member of the Commission shall appoint no more than two (2) persons.
Each CCAC member shall be a resident, business owner, or community leader in the City of Dania Beach.  The CCAC shall be comprised of persons from the sectors of the community such as faith based organizations, community-based organizations, local schools/education, local businesses, healthcare, and other civic-minded community leaders interested in promoting the Census 2020.

Financial Disclosure

Members of this Committee are not required to file a Financial Disclosure Form.

Term of Office

The CCAC shall automatically terminate on October 31, 2020.


The CCAC shall meet no less than once per month, at a date and time set by the CCAC to maximize participation and public interest.
A majority of members of the CCAC shall constitute a quorum.
The CCAC shall select a Chair and Vice Chair from among its members.
The CCAC shall adopt rules and procedures for the conduct of its meetings.
The CCAC shall meet at a location to be designated by the City Manager or designee.
The City Manager or designee shall serve as a liaison for the CCAC.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the CCAC shall include:
 (a) publicizing the Census;
 (b) recommending methods of disseminating information about the Census;
 (c) recommending outreach to encourage participation in the Census.