Virtual Activities

Virtual Activities
Parks virtual activities are offered to our youth during this pandemic to keep them not only engaged and learning new activities/skills, but to also keep them active and getting the necessary physical activity that is needed. New links will be added each Monday. 

Arts & Crafts; 20 awesome ideas using everyday items How to Draw Naruto (Anime) - How to draw a police officer - Father’s day award - Paper airplane – 16 creative drawing hacks for kids - How to make a paper snake - How to make a paper snake - How to draw a popsicle - How to draw best friends - How to make a paper gift bag / handbag - How to draw a firefighter - Paper crafts - How to make a unicorn pencil holder - How to draw a giant rainbow lollipop - How to draw Ariel the little mermaid - How to draw a turtle - How to draw health heroes - Doctors and Nurses - Moving paper sharks - How to draw cartoon cotton candy DIY mini paper cup
Story time ; Longshot Chris Paul Basketball Book - Rosa Parks; Little People, Big Dreams – The wolf and the seven little goats - Grace for President - Too Much Glue – The ugly duckling - How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Arthur’s Halloween – Goldilocks and the Three Bears - It's Christmas, David! - Spyder - A story about the world's smallest secret agent - Be Kind - A children's story about things that matter - Tad - How a big story can come from small beginning - The Bad Mood & The Stick - Spork - A story about being different & special - David Gets in Trouble & No, David! - The Boy Who Knew Nothing  

Indoor/Outdoor Games ; 5 outdoor games for kids – Mission Impossible – 10 things to do at home for kids - 10 outdoor activities to keep kids entertained - Leisure Time: Indoor & Outdoor Activities – Giant Obstacle Course for Kids - 10 things for Kids to do at Home - kids game hopscotch - 10 Fun Outdoor Activities and Games - Frosts & Fish - Video game workout - Distance Learning workout - Super Mario Fitness challenge - DC Superhero vs Marvel - Guess the sounds

Kid’s Cooking Corner​ ; No Cook, No-Bake Healthy Snack Recipes – How to make Pizza – Best chicken alfredo recipe - Recipes that kids can cook – Kids Fettucine Alfredo Recipe – 3 Holiday Cookies kids can make - How to make Grinch Bark – Pizza Toast - How to bake cupcakes – 4-year-old makes rainbow cake - Easy way to teach kids to use a knife - 2 year old makes fast & easy chocolate cake - 2 year old chef Susie bakes banana bread - Plant-based cooking class -  4 cooking skills every kid should know - Frankie Celenza gets cooking lessons from kid chef - Vegan Grill Cheese - How to cook the perfect egg - How to bake cupcakes