Special Event Application

Every year, the City of Dania Beach hosts an increasing array of special events. These events offer a wonderful opportunity to showcase your organization, generate funds, raise awareness, and foster community cohesion. Our dedication lies in bolstering exceptional special events that enrich our community.

To facilitate the realization of each event, the City has developed a comprehensive application procedure accompanied by a set of guidelines. Adhering to these protocols is vital to ensuring the safety and triumph of your event. If you have inquiries about venue availability or need clarification on a potential event, initiating a preliminary discussion with City personnel can contribute to a smooth and seamless planning process.

Application Details

1. Do you need to fill out a special event application?

  • Yes - Groups of fifteen (15) or more persons utilizing any park, beach area, or recreation area shall be required to obtain a special event permit from the city. Registered groups may be authorized to utilize tents or canopies and may seek a permit for amplified music. Celebrations, such as weddings, engagements, birthday parties, or graduation parties at park or beach facilities shall be required to obtain a city special event permit before the event.
  • Yes if; Gatherings in a public place Sale of alcoholic beverages, use of mechanical or inflatable rides, amplified music/entertainment, parking lot/road closure, construction/assembly of temporary structures.
  • Yes if, renting a facility or pavilion and bringing additional equipment to the location including a third-party vendor, cooking equipment, and/or alcohol.

2. If the event is on City property, please reach out to a manager listed below in the table to make sure the proposed date is available.

3. The following temporary uses and special events shall be approved by the City Commission after staff review and recommendation, as provided in this subsection:

  • Events with more than five hundred (500) persons in attendance;
  • Consecutive Multi-day events; but no more than four (4) times per calendar year
  • Applications for recurring temporary uses and special events exceeding four (4) times per calendar year shall provide a Special Event Annual Program package that shall include information identifying each of the proposed events, with a description and parameters of each use, the dates and times for each event for the entire calendar year, and the location or zone of all events.

Facility Managers

Facilities Address Manager Phone Number
C.W. Thomas Park
PJ Meli
100 NW 8th Avenue
2901 SW 52nd Street
Karla Mercado 954.924.3692
Frost Park
IT Parker (temporarily closed)
300 NE 2nd Street
901 NE 3rd Street
Rafael Acosta 954.924.3690

Special Event Application - Fees

  Non-Profit  Resident/Non-Resident
Weddings Application Received 31 days or more prior to event date $100 $100
Weddings Application Received 30 days or less prior to event date $250 $250
Special Event Application Received 31 days or more prior to event date $150 $300
Special Event Application received 30 days or less prior to event date  $300 $450
Small gathering at City Park for 25 participants or less $50 $50
Small gathering at City Park for 26 participants or more $100 $100


A Special Event Permit Application is determined to be complete on the date all the required documentation has been submitted along with the non-refundable application fee. Not-for-profit Florida-certified organizations that provide proof of certification shall have a reduced Special Event Permit application fee.

Please click HERE for the Special Event Application to be emailed to dbspecialevents@daniabeachfl.gov

Normal Special Event/Beach Wedding/Beach Memorial procedures are as follows: 

  • Complete the Special Event Application (see attached) to be completed and return to dbspecialevents@daniabeachfl.gov for processing along with a site plan
    • Please ensure that there are no blanks on the application and if a question does not apply, simply enter n/a for not applicable. 
  • Once the completed application has been submitted, it will then be circulated to the various internal departments and external agencies for comments/concerns
  • Please register here: https://daniabeach.recdesk.com/Community/Home to pay the invoice when it’s issued. Once you have registered, please send Special Events an email so that they may issue your invoice for you to pay on the RecDesk platform.  
    • Once your fee has been paid, we can reserve your date on the calendar.  
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) – Please note that a COI may be required for your event, attached is a sample COI with required limitations. The City must be listed as an additional insured as per the “example” COI, HERE.

Beach Weddings:

If you wish to move forward with a beach wedding, you will need to complete the appropriate application, provide your COI, and pay the $100 application fee, or an additional $150 late fee if you receive it less than 30 days before the wedding. 

  • Beach Wedding special event application, available HERE
  • Sample Certificate of Insurance (COI)
    • Please note that a COI is required for your event, attached is a sample COI with the required limitations. The City must be listed as an additional insured as per the “example” COI, HERE.
  • Purchasing instructions for the certificate of insurance
    • You do not have to use the COI information provided; you can choose your own insurance company to purchase your certificate of insurance.  


  • Beach weddings can only be held Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am  - 5:00 pm.
  • Designated Beach Wedding Address: 300 N. Beach Road (North of the Pier – On the Sand), Dania Beach, FL 33004
  •  The City of Dania Beach has banned the use of any plastic straws on City Property. No Special Event Applicant or vendor will be allowed to sell or distribute plastic straws of any kind at any event in the City of Dania Beach.