Public Records Requests

Requests for public records are submitted to the City Clerk’s Office. 
 To make a request, do one of the following:
  • Fill out a Public Records Form online
  • Pick up a form at City Hall and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office
  • Call the City Clerk’s Office at 954-924-6800 extension 3622
  • Fax your request to 954-921-2604
To better respond to your records request, we ask that you completely fill out the form and that all information be printed.  You are not required to identify yourself or to fill out the form, however, the information will be helpful to ensure that your request is correctly processed.

  • 15 cents each one sided sheet up to 8.5" x 14"
  • 20 cents each two sided sheet up to 8.5" x 14"
  • Certified copies $1.00 per sheet
  • Copies of Building Plans are based on the actual cost incurred for reproduction
  • CD/DVD $1.00 each
  • Labor Charge - 30 minutes or longer – Employee Time x Rate of Pay/Benefits = Fee
Research Charges:If extensive use (30 minutes or longer) of information technology resources, or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance or both are required, a service charge based upon the labor cost actually incurred in providing such copies shall be assessed in addition to the actual cost of the reproduction of documents.

Requests for information from Community Development are subject to a $25 administrative fee, in addition to the research charge and copy fee. Any request with an estimated cost of $50 or more requires a deposit. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded upon completion of the request.

Warning Note: Requests for public records that include copies of architectural works may be subject to copyright or “original works of authorship” protection in accordance with United States Code, Title 17, Chapter 1. Your request for copies and receiving said “works” may result in a violation of this Code which is subject to Federal prosecution.

The above charges are in accordance with Section 119.07, Florida Statutes.

Link to Florida Statute 119
 Please let this notice serve as satisfying the requirements of prominently posting the contact information for the custodian of records for the City of Dania Beach. 

Name: Elora Riera, MMC.
Address: 100 W Dania Beach Blvd, Dania Beach FL 33004
Phone: 954-924-6800 ext. 3624
Fax: 954-921-2604

Public Records Request Form