Should I be concerned about criminal activities?


Beware of fraudulent and criminal activities such as:
 • Scammers pretending to be testing for COVID-19
 • Robocalls making fraudulent offers to sell respirator masks
 • Fake Covid-19 apps and websites that install malware/ransomware
 • Phishing emails asking for money or installing malware
 • Fake social media scams asking for donations
 • Fraudulent offers for free testing to obtain Medicare information
 • Prescription drug schemes
 • Calls or emails requesting personal identifying information to obtain stimulus payments
 • Receiving fraudulent checks in the mail which, when deposited, instruct to send money to another account or purchase gift cards
 • Calls or phishing emails requesting banking information to deposit the stimulus payment  
 • Fake websites that state they will assist in obtaining the stimulus payment

Call The National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline at 1-866-720-5721 or email

Report all suspicious activity to Dania Beach Police at 954-764-4357 |

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